History of Entourage Loans

Entourage Integrated Trust Limited is an investment company whose core business is in lending, leasing and venture capitalist. Entourage has a large staff strength who perform an overlapping job function that covers the different department in the organisation.


The company operated under the name ASHAGS GLOBAL CONCEPT LIMITED as a research project from Dec 2010 to July 2014. It served as a feasibility study on lending and investment possibilities in Lagos. The study was quite extensive as it entailed the setting up of an office/system to be able to ascertain the viability or otherwise of the Business Model. At the end of two years, the company had done over N120,000,000 in turnover and about 6% return on investment. Also, the acceptability of the company as a game changer in the lending business gave birth to a full-fledged organisation named Entourage Trust Nigeria Limited. Entourage was formally registered as a lending company in July 2014 after the directors were satisfied with the outcome of the study.


Vision: To help individuals and households meet basic financial needs.
Mission: Creating accessible, flexible and tailor-made loan packages with easy repayment model

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